My connection to Maxine is through our daughters, Cathy and Emma, who went to the same school and university, so I knew her as a Mum who was always warm, friendly and deeply committed to her family. I have been overwhelmed reading the numerous on- line tributes from those who knew her as this extraordinarily respected blogger. Maxine was so unassuming that I had no idea of the extent of her influence in the literary world of crime fiction. I am struck in the photo gallery of how similar in her early twenties she looked to Cathy now. I am sure this goes beyond appearance and that Cathy inherits other wonderful qualities from Maxine. She is certainly a beautiful and confident young woman who I am sure along with Jenny has made both Maxine and Malcom very proud. To Malcolm, Cathy and Jenny, both Emma and I wish you much strength to get through this very difficult time. Love from Liz (Pickett)xo

Sent by liz on 06/01/2013